Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Asset Recovery Bureau requesting a Contact Person from our institution?

Contact Persons are nominated by the Heads or respective Directors of each institutions and shall be kept responsible for any information presented to Court.

What cut-off dates should be used when carrying out searches with respect to the Request for Information sent from the Asset Recovery Bureau?

Contact Persons are to report any assets whether movable or not which are registered and currently held by the accused person with the institution. The Freezing Order does not allow any transfer of assets to be carried out from the date of its application, thus following the issue date mentioned above any transfers carried out should be reported immediately and are legally declared as null.

What should I do if I have positive feedback to present to the Asset Recovery Bureau?

Positive replies must be confirmed on Oath and presented to the Asset Recovery Bureau (BY HAND) at 72, Market Street, Floriana. All Positive feedback is to be addressed to The Director, Asset Recovery Bureau. Submission may also be made at the One-Stop-Shop facility at the Courts of Justice.
What are the opening hours of the Asset Recovery Bureau office used for the submission of positive feedback?

Both submission of positive feedback and the conferment of Oath can be carried out during the following hours: 09:00am – 02:00pm. The mentioned hours are applicable all year round.

If the institution I represent covers non-Maltese residents can I opt out of the mailing list?

No, opting out of the mailing list on this basis is not permitted since Requests for Information can still be sent on non-Maltese individuals.

I represent various institutions, can I send a common reply for all of them?

One common reply can be sent including multiple institutions which have a common Contact Person, provided that within the reply there is clearly stated which institutions are being covered. If one of the institutions presents a positive reply, this can be processed through a different separate email from those institutions which produced no results.

What should I reply if I don’t have any results to submit on your request?

Send an email with a ‘Nil’ reply.

Why am I still receiving emails from the Asset Management Unit?

The Asset Management Unit is a separate and distinct entity within the Courts of Justice on behalf of the Court’s Registrar and it is still carrying out work with respect to its pending cases. All the new cases from the 20th August 2018 onwards and their resulting updates, will be under the administration of the Asset Recovery Bureau. For any queries which are present on these cases kindly call on +356 2226 1200.
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