Court Orders

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Compilation NumberName and SurnameCourt OrderID CardDateYearDocument
 Redent Zammit, Marcia Yvette Zammit, Chantelle Zammit, Andrew Zammit and Mary Rose PiscopoVariation 11/01/20222022ARB_C053_2021 - Variation Order_Redent Zammit et-10-01-2021
 Joseph ZerafaCancellation290475M28/01/20222022DKR 63 2006 Il-Pulizija vs Joseph Zerafa et - Kancellazzjoni
 Nicholas Cachia and Joseph CachiaVariation 22/03/20222022ARB_C066_2021 - Variation Order_Nicholas Cachia-01-03-2022
 Publius Micallef and Raymond BonelloCancellation 18/03/20222022DKR 10 -11-12 2003 Il-Pulizija vs Publius Micallef et - Kancellazzjoni
 Francis Bonett and Kevin GattVariation 11/03/20222022DKR 234 2008 Il-Pulizija vs Francis Bonnett et - awtorizazzjoni 02.03.2022
 Lucy GrimaVariation836453M12/04/20222022ARB_C001_2022_Variation Order_Lucy Grima - 24-03-2022
 Stephen BonsfieldCancellation42069M10/05/20222022DKR 92 2015 Il-Pulizija vs Stephen Bonsfield - Kancellazzjoni
04/2022Wasim BrgholFreezing9000444A21/01/20222022ARB_C004_2022 - Freezing Order_Wasim Brghol
115/2022Ian ZammitFreezing227489M22/03/20222022ARB_C018_2022 - Freezing Order_Ian Zammit
128/2022Ayan Awil MohamedFreezing9000670A29/03/20222022ARB_C023_2022 - Freezing Order_Ayan Awil Mohamed
1284/2007Stella Grech, Dean Martin, and Joseph GrechVariation 22/02/20222022DKR 352 2007 Pulizija vs Stella Grech et - awtorizazzjoni 08.02.2022
129/2022Hodon Aden FarahFreezing109785A29/03/20222022ARB_C022_2022 - Freezing Order_Hodon Aden Farah
135/2022Clayton Mc KayFreezing133993M15/03/20222022ARB_C016_2022 - Freezing Order_Clayton Mc Kay
138/2022Andrew AgiusFreezing124077M15/03/20222022ARB_C017_2022 - Temporary Freezing Order - Andrew Agius
144/2022Yenifer Carolina Rendon Guevara and Ana Valeria Del Valle Lezama GuevaraFreezing 29/03/20222022ARB_C021_2022 - Freezing Order_Yenifer Carolina Rendon Guevara et
147/2022Juanito Jimenez, Hagen Azzopardi and Lydon AbelaFreezing 29/03/20222022ARB_C020_2022 - Freezing Order_Juanito Jimenez et
153/2022Charmain BezzinaFreezing105980M22/03/20222022ARB_C019_2022 - Freezing Order_Charmain Bezzina
159/2021Brian Tonna, Manuel (Emmanuel) Castagna, Karl Cini, Marie Katrin Bondin Carter, K B T Holdings Limited, BT International Limited, Nexia BT Limited, Nexia BT Advisory Services Limited, BTI Management Limited, SPX Services Limited, and Willerby Trade IncVariation 26/05/20222022ARB_C017_2021 - Variation Order_Brian Tonna et-26-05-2022
161/2021Vincent BuhagiarVariation718347M22/03/20222022ARB_C014_2021 - Variation Order_Vincent Buhagiar_21-03-2022
163/2022Michele ArtaleFreezing 05/04/20222022ARB_C025_2022 - Freezing Order_Michele Artale
164/2022Kenia Yesenia Polanco Morales and Richard Andrews Perez OberghFreezing 05/04/20222022ARB_C024_2022 - Freezing Order_Kenia Yesenia Polanco Morales and Richard Andrews Perez Obergh
176/2022Godstine IdoginFreezing 08/04/20222022ARB_C027_2022 - Freezing Order_Godstine Idogin
178/2022Etienne FarrugiaFreezing84077M08/04/20222022ARB_C026_2022 - Freezing Order_Etienne Farrugia
196/2021Carlos Dimech, Keith Testa, and Pieta Marina Caterers LimitedVariation 27/04/20222022ARB_C044_2021 - Variation Order _Keith Testa - 27-04-2022
196/2021Carlos Dimech, Keith Testa, and Pieta Marina Caterers LimitedVariation 27/04/20222022ARB_C044_2021 - Variation Order_Carlos Dimech - 27-04-2022