Court Orders

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Compilation NumberName and SurnameCourt OrderID CardDateYearDocument
 Jason Vella Tabone, Pierre Grech Cumbo Pillow, and PGP Trading LimitedVariation 30/04/20212021ARB_C066_2020_Variation Order_Jason Vella Tabone et
 Christopher AgiusCancellation129476M13/05/20212021DKR 266 2011 Il-Pulizija vs Christopher Agius - kancellazzjoni
103/2021Ovi TabiFreezing9000205A19/02/20212021ARB_C010_2021 - Freezing Order_Ovi Tabi
106/2021Justin DimechFreezing473891M03/03/20212021ARB_C013_2021 - Freezing Order_Justin Dimech
1240/2006Josef CamilleriCancellation346976M17/05/20212021DKR 197 2006 Il-Pulizija vs Josef Camilleri - kancellazzjoni
156/2021Christopher Baldacchino, L'Acqua Chiara Holdings Limited, and JBJ Holdings LimitedFreezing 22/03/20212021ARB_C018_2021 - Freezing Order_Christopher Baldacchino et
158/2021Alfio Schembri, Malcolm Scerri, Keith Schembri, Robert Zammit et al.
Freezing 23/03/20212021ARB_C016_2021 - Freezing Order_Alfio Schembri et
158/2021Alfio Schembri, Malcolm Scerri, Keith Schembri, Robert Zammit et alVariation 19/05/20212021ARB_C016_2021 - Variation Order_Alfio Schembri et-19-05-2021
158/2021Alfio Schembri, Malcolm Scerri, Keith Schembri, Robert Zammit et alVariation 31/05/20212021ARB_C016_2021 - Variation Order_Alfio Schembri et-31-05-2021
159/2021Brian Tonna, Manuel (Emmanuel) Castagna, Karl Cini, Marie Katrin Bondin Carter, K B T Holdings Limited, BT International Limited, Nexia BT Limited, Nexia BT Advisory Services Limited, BTI Management Limited, SPX Services Limited, and Willerby Trade Inc.Freezing 20/03/20212021ARB_C017_2021 - Freezing Order_Brian Tonna et
160/2021Lorraine Falzon, Matthew Pace and Zenith Finance LimitedFreezing 23/03/20212021ARB_C015_2021 - Freezing Order_Lorraine Falzon et
160/2021Lorraine Falzon, Matthew Pace, and Zenith Finance LimitedVariation 13/04/20212021ARB_C015_2021 - Variation Order_Lorraine Falzon et-13-04-2021
161/2021Vincent BuhagiarFreezing718347M23/03/20212021ARB_C014_2021 - Freezing Order_Vincent Buhagiar
164/2018Mario FarrugiaFreezing291170M19/01/20212021ARB_C002_2021 - Freezing Order_Mario Farrugia
164/2019Charles BorgVariation223473M21/04/20212021ARB_C019_2019_Variation Order_Charles Borg
169/2021Juanito JimenezFreezing242693M12/04/20212021ARB_C020_2021 - Freezing Order - Juanito Jimenez
169/2021Juanito JimenezVariation242693M12/04/20212021ARB_C020_2021 - Variation Order - Juanito Jimenez
171/2021Elena Gulia, and Corrado DenaroFreezing 24/03/20212021ARB_C019_2021 - Freezing Order - Elena Gulia and Corrado Denaro
188/2019Chukwuebuka Emmanuel MbonuVariation 05/03/20212021ARB_C021_2019_Variation Order_Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Mbonu
197/2021Albert Buttigieg and Luzzu Catering LimitedFreezing 14/04/20212021ARB_C022_2021 - Freezing Order_Albert Buttigieg and Luzzu Catering Limited
198/2021Florinda Sultana, Nesvan Company Limited, MS1 Catering LimitedFreezing 14/04/20212021ARB_C023_2021 - Freezing Order_Florinda Sultana, Nesvan Co Limited, and MS1 Catering Limited
199/2021Spiridione GoodlipFreezing323081M14/04/20212021ARB_C024_2021 - Freezing Order_Spiridione Goodlip
199/2021Spiridione GoodlipVariation323081M05/05/20212021ARB_C024_2021 - Variation Order_Spiridione Goodlip
21/2021Aleksandar StojanovicFreezing62335A19/05/20212021ARB_C034_2021 - Freezing Order - Aleksandar Stojanovic
220/2021Youssouf Madou Soumaoro BenFreezing65561A14/04/20212021ARB_C021_2021 - Freezing Order_Youssouf Madou Soumaoro Ben